Alex R Nichols Collection

OF Handcuffs and Other Restraints

Welcome to my web-site! That you have found it indicates that you are interested in restraints in some way. I hope you will find much here to further your interest. I have been collecting handcuffs and other restraint equipment since the early 1950s and now have over 550 items. A large part of the collection was displayed in the Museum of Law at the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham, England. That museum has changed in the eleven years that my collection was there and is no longer the best place for it to be. I have therefore taken the collection away and it is now at the Tetbury Police Museum. A large part, 100 or so items, are now on display there.  In due course it is planned that somewhere in the region of 350 - 450 items will be on display which will probably be the largest collection on public display anywhere in the world. There are larger collections, but they are all private.